Sublime Text 2 on an old ubuntu and libgio 2.26

Or .. How to avoid “unable to load libgio version is less than 2.26, single instance support disabled” warning message ?

libgio is part of glib, we’ll grab and compile it. You’ll need git and build-essential packages installed (perhaps other ? — autogen should tell you)

$ git clone git://
$ cd glib
$ git co 2.26.1

I got problems replacing ubuntu’s glib bundled version, so let’s install it on a specific dir and use it only for Sublime Text 2

$ ./ --prefix=/opt/lib/glib2.26
$ make
$ sudo make install

edit ~/bin/st

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib/glib2.26:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /path/to/sublime/text/sublime_text $*

save and exit, then

$ chmod +x ~/bin/st
$ st
$ st

Second call should not open a new Sublime Text 2 instance


Worked for me (Ubuntu 10.04 - Sublime Text 2 Build 2051)


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